Islex Australia supplies high-quality groundwater monitoring wells, also known as slotted PVC screens, with various diameters and configurations – see all options in the table below. The groundwater monitoring wells we produce are used in several applications including:

  • Domestic
  • Irrigation
  • Municipal
  • Aquifer Storage and Recovery
  • Environmental monitoring

The slotted PVC screens can be provided with all other accessories including:

  • PVC Couplings
  • Bottom End Caps
  • Well Plugs, Caps and Covers
  • Standpipe Covers
  • Filter Sock
PVC Pipe diameterMaximum rows of slotsPressure Rating/Class (PN)Slot Spacing Configuration
50mm36, 9, 12, 18
80mm36, 9, 12
100mm46, 9, 120.4mm
150mm56, 9, 120.8mm
200mm66, 9, 12

Islex Australia is committed to the development and evolution of our discipline.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss any of our products or services