Islex Australia – Industrial Plastic Fabrication and Engineering

Islex Australia design and fabricate a variety of standard and custom plastic components. Our services are provided to a range of clients around Australia from the resource sector, water supply/treatment, local councils, as well as the private sector.

At a glance, we:

  • Provide engineering services – project management, concept development and design, 3D CAD and FEA modelling, as-built drawings and document control.
  • Design and fabricate water and chemical storage tanks (Plastic, Steel/Plastic lined) – up to 200,000 litre water storage, cylindrical/rectangular shape, flat/conical/sloped floors, sodium hypochlorite tanks.
  • Precision machine plastic components using CNC mills and table routers (varied plastics) – interlocking lining panels (Teflon) for industrial ovens, small and delicate heat and control components (Teflon), custom flange and plate components from various plastics.
  • Pre-fabricated and on site fabrication of pipework (HDPE, PP) – our skilled tradesmen provide both in house and site based welding and installation of plastic pipework. Working with welding machines up to 630mm diameter we can negotiate any task efficiently.